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The best real estate investments are those where you've formulated a plan before any investment is made. What overall strategy is best suited to YOU? Building a portfolio plan helps define the type of property you'll acquire.  Acquisition plans as well as disposition plans translate to ACTION plans. Real estate investments are tax-sensitive; however, everyone's tax situation is different. The best real estate investments are analyzed using AFTER TAX ROI. 

Markets are changing due to governmental actions, new tax laws & economic conditions, including COVID-19 illnesses. A strategy that worked at one time may not be your best strategy in the present. We used to do Monte Carlo simulations for investment assumptions to determine probabilities for  outlier Black Swan events. These events are happening practically everyday now. It's important to know yourself and what circuit breakers you might require. If you fail to plan appropriately, you may lose your entire investment and/or waste your time. Is your plan feasible? Are your plans for disposition likely? Have you completed your due diligence? There are many decisions to make in order to become successful in your REI business. 

We offer consultative advice & financial/feasibility analysis regarding active or prospective real estate investments. Your first 15 minute consultation is FREE; thereafter we charge in 15 minute increments, payable through PayPal. We generally act as a COACH for this service, even though we are a licensed real estate broker in AZ & FL. We can act as a confidential referral broker (helping you find a qualified broker who is compatible with you should you need a retail broker - with just one call.) We also offer real estate brokerage services in Arizona & Florida when an appropriate scope of services agreement is made. We are NOT YOUR BROKER without a written agency agreement.
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Your first 15 minute REI business strategy call is complimentary! 

If you wish to put us on your team we offer monthly and annual packages of fees for a defined number of hours. You can also contract with us for exactly the brokerage assistance you need through a scope of services agreement. Pay only for the services you will use. We also offer marketing agreements, sales agreements, etc. a la carte!

Want more information? Send us your your email below & we'll let you know how to prepare for your FREE REI business strategy call, including setting your appointment.
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